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Assurance services are professional services performed by independent auditors, accountants, and other qualified professionals to ensure the accuracy and reliability of financial statements and data. Assurance services often involve a review of financial information to ensure its accuracy and completeness, as well as a review of internal controls to ensure that they are operating as intended and that they are compliant with laws and regulations. Assurance services also involve making recommendations for corrective action where necessary. Assurance services are important to businesses, as they help stakeholders make better informed decisions about the financial health of the company. The professionals who provide assurance services are independent and objective, which means they are not influenced by any internal or external pressures that could lead to biased results. By providing independent and objective assurance services, companies can have greater confidence in the accuracy and reliability of their financial information.

  • Price varies based on type of service assurance, attestation, and non-attestation/assurance.

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